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All of this weight loss came just by drinking Plexus Slim

Lose weight drinking Plexus SlimI started drinking Plexus Slim and taking the Accelerator the end of June/first of July 2011. I had what you call trend weight – you know, the kind that you don’t remember gaining. It just seemed to appear, but in reality it gradually appeared over the last 10 – 20 years! My before Plexus weight was 211, I’m ashamed to say! I had been on many diets, tried to eat healthy (juiced, ate lots of fruits and veggies, etc.), even joined the gym – which ended when after about 4 months due to shoulder and knee issues. The end result was the same – maybe lose a few pounds, but nothing significant, and then those pounds would come back on as soon as I returned to eating normal foods. To be honest, I had given up hope of ever losing weight. So when a friend posted on Facebook about Plexus Slim, I thought that it was too good to be true, but something in me got very excited every time I looked at her website. So I tried it. At the end of the first week I had lost 6 pounds! I knew this product was different and so I signed up as an Ambassador just to get the product at wholesale. By the end of August, I had lost 19 pounds, and gone from a size 20 to a 16 and for the first time in as long as I could remember I could now buy shirts/blouses in the regular women’s section and not the large women’s section of the store. By the end of September I was down 25 pounds.

Now all of this weight loss came by just simply drinking the Slim, taking the Accelerator and listening to my body. I found myself just simply stopping in the middle of a meal – without really thinking about it I just didn’t want any more. I found that if I wanted cookies, I would eat 1 instead of 4 – 5 and that was all I wanted. My eating habits were changing without having to use willpower! Desserts and junk food just didn’t seem to taste as good as they used to.

From the end of September to the middle of January, the scales did not move at all! I would have really been frustrated except that I went down another couple sizes in clothes, so I knew it was still working. I also went through Thanksgiving and Christmas without gaining anything, which was a first! I don’t know what changed in January, but at the end of January I realized I was losing again. Since then I have lost 9 more pounds, for a total of 34 pounds! I still have more to go, and it will go! Next month I will turn 52 and I can’t believe that I weigh less than I did when I was 42. All I can say is, ’Thank you Jesus for leading me to Plexus Slim!
– Jo Hertel.

The Baby Weight is Gone!

The Baby Weight is Gone!After a year of struggling to lose the weight I put on during my pregnancy, I decided to try Plexus Slim. At first I was extremely skeptical, but I was amazed at how quickly the product began to work for me and how much better I began feeling. I also started sleeping better and having more energy throughout the day. I am happy to report I have reached my goal. I lost over 15 pounds and 12 inches and I was finally able to get back into my pre-pregnancy clothes. I feel like myself again—thank you Plexus!
– Meaghan S.

In Three Months I Lost 15 Pounds & 11 Inches!

Plexus Review by BeckyI began taking Plexus Slim and Accelerator a few months ago. I love the taste and the way I feel on the products. My energy level is amazing. In three months I lost 15 pounds and 11 inches. Over the holidays I was able to maintain my weight without denying myself. Plexus has amazing products and I am now making extra money just by sharing my story. Thank you Plexus for changing my life!
– Becky G., R.N.


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  1. I was taking plexus it worked at first then it stopped and the taste is horrible made. Me so sick too
    I cancelled my membership months ago then all of a sudden they decide to order more for me can took money from my bank account and apparently I am not the only this has happened too

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