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Do you struggle in the morning to eat a good healthy breakfast?  Have you ever been caught hungry while out running errands or in a meeting? While Fast food restaurants and gas stations offer some healthy choices, they also offer a multitude of temptations.

Weight loss can be a tedious task and a tough journey at times. I want to make it easier for you.

You’ve heard it before: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By the time you rise in the morning you haven’t eaten for approximately 10 hours, and your blood sugar levels are low. As a result, skipping breakfast will most certainly cause you to snack throughout the day in an effort to boost your blood sugar and energy levels. As discussed in last week’s newsletter, controlling insulin (blood sugar) is key to weight loss control.

Research consistently shows that people who eat breakfast require fewer calories per day and lose more weight than those who choose to skip breakfast.

Plexus 96 LogoI know eating breakfast can be a struggle, and sometimes you need a little help. This is where Plexus 96 comes in. This filling, all-natural shake provides your body with the kick-start it needs to get going. It is also carefully designed to combat cravings, stabilize blood sugar and curb hunger. I like this quick snack because it does not taste like cookie dough, or some other type of high calorie food I’m trying to avoid. It’s simple and great tasting but does not trigger my bad food cravings.

Not taking time to eat properly will catch up to both your waist line and well-being

It’s easy to slip into a harmful cycle of fattening convenience foods and short-term energy fixes. Fifteen minutes each morning is all it takes to eat a healthy breakfast – often the same length of time it takes to line-up for your morning coffee. If you’re not a breakfast eater, grab a protein pack for your bag and make it on the go. Your body will thank you for it.

Choosing to eat breakfast every morning, no matter how small, will not only improve your energy throughout the day but also increase your metabolism after your ‘sleep fast.’


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  1. Hello,
    I really am in the dark, I have slim drink but no idea on eating guidelines, expected weight loss etc…it sounds like accelaerator is a great product, can we get it…… I have no info also on doing the candida test or how to purchase bio cleanse etc….any advice would be great. thanks

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