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Plexus Slim Pink Drink

Explore the Plexus natural weight loss system:  One pink drink a day melts the fat away.

The Plexus Slim Pink Drink is the base of our natural weight loss system. Simply mix the drink crystals with water and enjoy. Our cherry pomegranate flavored Plexus Slim is light and smooth.

Plexus SlimBurn fat and inches, not muscle

  • Best Natural Ingredients
  • No Meal Replacements
  • No Shakes
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

When the Plexus Slim Pink Drink is used as part of a daily hydration regimen it promotes…

  • Loss of weight and inches by burning fat, not muscle
  • Healthy blood sugar levels
  • Healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
  • Healthy will power over food choices
  • Free radical scavenging (reduces oxidative stress)

Does Plexus Slim Work?

Absolutely!  We have plenty of customer testimonials.  I personally have lost 15 centimeters around my waist and am down 3 pant sizes.  Most of the people who start the Plexus Slim weight loss program begin to see results within a week.

Plexus Slim works by helping the body regulate blood sugar.  Keeping sugars under control has a plethora of other health benefits as well.

Plexus offers a 60 day back money guarantee.  If you aren’t satisfied, simply let us know and we will arrange for a refund.

Ways to Save Money on Your Plexus Slim

We have two pricing levels:  Retail and Preferred Customer.

A Retail Customer is someone who makes a one time purchase or buys infrequently.  Order as much or as little as you want.  No commitments.

A Preferred Customer agrees to a monthly shipment in return for a 15% discount.  Preferred Customers who are on our program for 3 months receive an additional 10% off.

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Are you buying for two or more people?  Consider purchasing an Ambassador Welcome Kit.  Plexus Ambassadors (also known as Distributors) get best pricing.  There is no obligation to sell.

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More Products

Plexus is more than just weight loss.  For a complete list of products, please visit our corporate site.

90 thoughts on “Plexus Slim

  1. were can I order it from and is it ok for diabetics to take.
    my sister is on it and is looking great thanks Roslyn.

    • hi there
      i have been on it for 6 weeks i work out 5 days a week and i have lost nothing whats up with that and i eat healthy and this is really shitting me is there anything else i should be taking with it?

          • Yeast overgrowth occurs when Candida albicans, a yeast which lives in your digestive system, becomes out of balance with the friendly bacteria that normally keep it in check. Overuse of antibiotics is the major cause of candida imbalance, or candidiasis. However, antacids, corticosteroids, estrogen, cancer therapy and immunosuppressants may also contribute. Yeast loves sugar, and people with candidiasis may find it more difficult to resist carbohydrates and sugary foods, making it more difficult to lose weight.

      • Regardless of anything you’re taking, if you’ve actually been eating healthy and doing proper workouts for 6 weeks, 5 days a week, you would have lost something. So you’re doing something wrong.

        • I’m sure most of my clients would disagree.

          Where do you get your data from?

          Not all of us can work out. Some of us here suffer from physical disabilities and other health issues that hinder proper exercise.

          I’m going to hazard a guess that you’ve never struggled to lose weight. Am I right?

  2. i would love more info as i have always been over weight and would love to try this but will this effect me from breast feeding

    • The Plexus Slim pink drink is fine for nursing mothers. See the video below for more information. Fast forward to 5:30 for details on who can use Plexus Slim.

  3. I am so interested in this stuff but hav a plethora of allergies. I was wondering about the gluten content (if any), if there are any berry bases in it AT ALL, especially strawberry as im very allergic. im struggling to shift the post baby weight 2 years after the fact and this stuff seems great

    • Plexus Slim is gluten-free.

      The fruits I am aware of are cherry and pomegranate. These two are used for flavoring.

      I will pass this question along to Customer Service and get a definite answer.

  4. hi im wanting to buy this product, i am already a type one diabetic should i consult my doctor before or is it completely safe

    • I just realized Rebecca said TYPE ONE DIABETIC. Plexus was designed with Type 2 diabetics in mind. Still shouldn’t be a problem but consult your physician.

    • hi rebecca plexus slim was first introduced for diebetics n i myself am a diebetic n i have been on plexus for awhile n have had great results but as a ambassador we always reccomend to consult your doctor but it wont hurt u 🙂

  5. are you able to be my ambassdor, cannot come into contact with any victorian ones?

    • Absolutely! We’d be happy to have you as a customer or business partner. Click the Join or Shop button at the very top.

  6. I’m interested in this product, however, I do not know if it is safe for me to take it as I am on Keppra. I’ve looked online and cannot find any info in regards to drug interactions???

    • We’re not aware of any drug interactions with the Plexus Slim pink drink. To be on the safe side your best option is to take the bag of Slim with the ingredient list to your local Pharmacist. Ask them, “Do any of these ingredients have potential to interact with what I’m taking?”

      • Any distributors in penrith NSW area as the list your posting in your comments is not showing any name or numbers.

    • Hi JulieR, I would like to know the answer to this aswell as i am on the same medication. Cheers

  7. I have been very disapointed with the use of plexus i have been doing it for three months now and one week i will loose cm the following put on. THe first week i had success and since it has been very disapointing. I do take antidepresents does this counteract the use of plexus slim like i am thinking so…

  8. Hi i am an ambassador in belemont, western Australia, is there any way i can get my details on the plexus rep locations list?
    Thank you

  9. I’m in Sunbury, Victoria. Can I order Slim through you Gary and how long will it take to be delivered? I have contacted a ambassador in Tarneit but she hasn’t returned my calls for me to place an order.

  10. Hi there, how do I become an ambassador ???
    would love to become 1
    Cheers Graeme

    • Get back with the person who introduced you to Plexus or click the “Join Plexus” button at the top if you don’t have a contact.

  11. Hi, I’ve tried to order plexus slim countless times and it keeps saying my time has expired. I put all my details in within 1 minute and i still get that message.

    • There is nothing in the Plexus Slim pink drink that should cause problems with breast feeding. Do NOT use Accelerator.

    • Our main focus is weight loss though Plexus Slim has been found to help with other things as well.

  12. I have concerns about the accelerator, one ingredient in it has been banned in australia through the dept of health therapeutic goods administration, I thought it was all natural ingredients? have you heard this?

  13. Is there somewhere in western suburbs in Brisbane that I can purchase Plexus Slim?

    • At this time our product is available to purchase via the Internet only. (Plexus is based in the USA and available in Australia to import for personal use only.)

    • The Accelerator ban is old news. This was published last July.

      There’s a myth floating around that the GeranaX found in our original Accelerator product is linked to a banned substance known as DMAA. The link between GeranaX and DMAA is untrue. A study by the US Army has debunked this myth. Please see the following article for reference.

      As of last November, Plexus released a new formula for Accelerator. The new Accelerator+ does not contain GeranaX.

      Even though Accelerator+ has been approved by the TGA, they have not removed the original warning.

      Accelerator is an OPTIONAL component to the Plexus weight loss solution. Our key weight loss product is the Plexus Slim pink drink featured on this page. It’s been around for over 5 years with no problems other than the occasional detox effect.

      Accelerator is not available in all markets.

  14. I have ordered the 30 day supply before, but this time around every time i try to place an order it is rejected.

    Message is that this product cant be supplied in my country?

    A little confused can you please help

    • At this time only Plexus Slim and Plexus 96 are available for our customers. Only Plexus Ambassadors (distributors) may order the other products. I’ve sent you an e-mail with more detailed information.

    • Items not for sale in the shipping country have been removed from the cart

      I too get same message every time I try to order Plexus Slim why??

      • Only the Plexus Slim pink drink and Plexus 96 meal replacement are available to customers at this time.

        If you wish to order Accelerator or any of the other products, you need to be an Ambassador (distributor). For more information please click the Contact button at the top and send us a message.

        • I was only trying to order plexus slim but it still wont let me and says ‘Items not for sale in the shipping country have been removed from the cart’

          • Currently only the Plexus Slim pink drink and the Plexus 96 meal replacement are available for sale in Australia. Hence why you are seeing the message that an item not allowed in your country has been removed from the cart.

            If you wish to order the Accelerator or any of the other Plexus products, you need to be an Ambassador (distributor). This is TGA rules; not Plexus.

            Ambassador options maybe found by clicking the “Join Plexus” button at the top.

          • iam only trying to order the pink drink nothing else still wont let me

          • My apologies. I found a programming error. It has now been fixed. Please try again.

    • We have a few customers using Plexus products with no problems. Have your physician look at the ingredient list for more information regarding your condition and medications you may be on.

  15. still having problems ordering, iam only trying to order the pink drink nothing else still wont let me keep getting – ‘Items not for sale in the shipping country have been removed from the cart’ very frustrating

    • There is a bug with the order screen that I haven’t quite figured out. It’s not happening to everyone. Please ring me at O2 8310 4199.

  16. How much are the products? It doesn’t say unless I make an account which I would rather just know how much the product is instead of having to make a log in thanks

    • Sent you an e-mail with pricing. Until I get a chance to update the web site, pricing information may be had by sending a note through the Contact button.

  17. Could you please email me the pricing of the product. I am looking to loose weight. I am not on any medication and don’t have any health issues. & would like to know about candida.
    Thanks sunny

  18. Hello,
    Just wanting to know who in south Australia sells this product, also is it safe to use while trying to fall pregnant. I am on diaformin from my specialist as well.

    • We don’t currently have anyone in South Australia. Your quickest option for purchase at this time is to click the “Shop Plexus” button above and order through our web site.

      For questions regarding drug interactions, please take an ingredient list to your doctor or Pharmacist and ask, “Is there anything in here that could conflict with my routine?”

      An ingredient list for the Plexus Slim pink drink may be found at

      If you have questions that you’d rather not put in a public thread, please click the contact button at the top (or bottom) of this page.

  19. Hi there, I have suffered from Hashimoto Thyroid disease since 1997 and suffer many symptoms however my hairloss, fatigue, insomnia and foggy brain has become a severe burden. Will the Plexus Slim assist me at all? What other products would you recommend, if any?

  20. Having alot of trouble – i placed an order then to find out the shipping costs, dropped out,
    is there an easier way to order this product.

    • Is there an easier way for you to order? Perhaps. If we have a rep in your area that you can work with directly. Reply to this message with your location or contact us at

      However… Our web site will always be the least expensive way to order Plexus Slim as our reps factor in shipping when quoting retail prices.

    • For the answer to this and other health related questions, please take an ingredient list to your doctor or pharmacist and ask, “Is there anything in here that could conflict with my routine?”

  21. Hi I live in Belmont Western Australia…I would like to know if you have a supplier in the area..if so could you please email me their contact details

  22. i have high blood pressure and high cholesterol and take medicine to keep them down is it safe for me to take especially with the accelerator

    • Plexus Accelerator comes with a specific warning not to take if you have heart or blood pressure concerns or are on medication for such.

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