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Slim Down for Summer!

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Thank-you for your interest in Plexus Slim

Plexus-60-Day-Challenge-2We would like to invite you to join our sensational Plexus 60 Day Weight Loss Challenge! The Plexus 60 Day Challenge has been specifically designed to help you achieve maximum results along your weight loss journey. Every step along the way you will be coached by our team of helpful Ambassadors who have already seen results. We are here to encourage and motivate you!

This is the perfect time to embark on a quest for a healthier body and a slimmer you. Just in time for summer!

How it works

  • The Plexus 60 Day Challenge runs from October 01 to November 30, 2013.
  • plexus-best-sellerPurchase 2 bags of Plexus Slim. (One before September 25 and a second by October 25.)
  • Submit a “before” photo of yourself upon registration and again on November 30. Photos must be taken wearing the same clothes along with a newspaper displaying the date or a current magazine cover.
  • Along with your first order of Plexus Slim you will receive 2 complementary packets of our Plexus 96 protein supplement.
  • You will also receive an invite to our private Facebook group, a place you can ask questions and receive help along the way.
  • Registration closes September 25.

Prizes and Recognition

Names of everyone who has committed by November 25 will go into a draw. Prizes will be awarded to two lucky people.

Winning entries along with before and after photos will be posted on this site and in the Facebook group sometime during the first week of December.

Start the Plexus Challenge today!

Simply enter your details in the form below.  One of our Ambassadors will contact you shortly.

Challenge is now closed to new registrants.  Entry form has been disabled.

Contact Us for more information.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

The only costs involved are for product.  This is the same money you would be spending anyway to enjoy the benefits of Plexus Slim.  There are no registration fees.

Help in the Facebook Group includes support from a two year Plexus veteran Ambassador plus one of our team members is trained as a Pharmacist.  The Facebook group will also be a place where contestants can share helpful ideas and tips with each other.

The Plexus 60 Day Challenge promotion is managed by Ambassadors in various cities in Australia.

Prizes are composed of gift certificates and bonuses from local merchants.  As a result, prizes may vary by city.  Contact your individual sponsor for details.

Conditions and other fine print

Valid through participating Plexus Ambassadors only. This promotion is sponsored by a team of Plexus Independent Ambassadors and is not an official contest of Plexus Worldwide. Other teams may be running similar contests. Check with your sponsor.

24 thoughts on “Plexus 60 Day Challenge

    • Your cost is simply for 2 months worth of Plexus Slim which can be bought separately, one month apart.

      I sent you a private e-mail with more details.

      • Please fill out the contact form above and someone will get back to you regarding pricing.

  1. what do we win? are there any regulations and registration fee, how much does the product cost
    thank you

    • Prizes involve gift certificates from local merchants and vary by location. There is no registration fee. You pay only for your product. We will contact you upon registration.

    • Ambassadors in various Australian cities are involved with this promotion. Please fill out the form above and your request will forwarded to the closest rep to you.

  2. Hi, can you please tell me more about the 60 day challenge. What are the prizes, how much is the product? Where abouts in Australia are you? could I pick up the plexus from you if I live close to your shop? What kind of help do you get on the facebook site? Do you sell the accelerator as well? Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • For answers to these questions, please fill out the form above and someone will get back with you. We have multiple Ambassadors and locations involved. Prizes vary slightly based on your city.

  3. This page has been updated. I added a section titled “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.” Hopefully this helps.

    Response so far has been tremendous. Thank-you.

  4. I am interested in this product but I too would like to know how much it would cost. If you could please email me that would be great.

    • Fill out the form above and we will send you the details including pricing.


    • If you want web pricing, please click the “Shop Plexus” button at the very top of the page. Note that web pricing is in US Dollars and products ship from the USA.

      If you want to buy from a local Ambassador, you need to contact them directly. Or fill out the form on this page and someone will contact you.

      p.s. Please don’t type in all caps. ALL CAPS very difficult to read and looks like you’re yelling.

    • Its about $120 for a month supply but you can buy trial packages 7 days $30. I have just bout a 7 day trial pack and my sister uses plexus all natural ingredients and been told its great.

  6. I was wandering what products I would need to lose weight and what sort of diet I would be following.
    and how much I would need to outlay $…
    I would prefer not to join the challenge. thanx

    • Sent you an e-mail with pricing information. There is no obligation to join the challenge.

  7. yes wondering price and how it works like to loose 10kl
    live on the gold coast

  8. Hi I am wanting to purchase a 7 day trial pack for $30 please I am located in Tweed Heads where would be the nearest supplier please if u can get back to me with more info I will be much appreciative

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