Ordering Accelerator in Australia

There have been some changes with regard to the importation of Plexus into Australia.  These changes affect Plexus Accelerator and certain other Plexus products.

In 2012, Plexus Worldwide began shipping product to Australia on a Not For Resale basis.  This means Plexus products may be purchased through the Internet for personal use only.

There are two types of people ordering Plexus products:  Customers and Ambassadors (also known as Distributors).

Effective immediately, Customers in Australia may only purchase the Plexus Slim pink drink and the Plexus 96 meal replacement.  If you wish to purchase Accelerator or any of the other products that Plexus offers, you must purchase a Welcome Pack and become an Ambassador.

For those who become an Ambassador simply to enjoy Plexus products for a good price, there is no obligation to sell or have an auto qualify order on file.

Click the Join Plexus button below to see the Ambassador kits.  Check out Welcome Pack H if it is Plexus Slim and Accelerator you are most interested in.

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