Plexus Accelerator banned in Australia

An Important Notice to our Australian Ambassadors and Customers:

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), under the Department of Health and Aging, has recently announced that Plexus Accelerator capsules will no longer be allowed to pass through Australian Customs and Border Protection Services. It is the TGA’s claim that Plexus Accelerator contains an ingredient that is not on their Approved list.

As a result, Plexus Worldwide has withdrawn Accelerator from the Australian market.

Plexus Worldwide will follow all steps as required by the TGA in order to maintain compliance with their regulations. As of today, Accelerator will not be available for purchase by our Australian Ambassadors or Customers.

We apologize for any disappointment and frustration this may cause.

If you have already ordered Accelerator and/or your order has arrived without it, please contact australia at plexus worldwide dot com to arrange a refund or exchange.

Plexus is working on a new formulation for Accelerator. We will keep you posted.

Plexus Accelerator is unavailable until further notice.  Please do not select it from the order screen.  Doing so will delay your order.

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4 thoughts on “Plexus Accelerator banned in Australia

  1. Anybody want a colostomy? Keep using plexus longterm and you will have a colostomy of your very own. I am an RN MSN and I am telling you – Stop the gimmick – don’t drink the kool aid.

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